The Word of God

We teach the word of God from the Bible. We feel our teachings are inspired by the Holy Spirit and we hope you are edified by them.

Teachings by Month


NOvember 2018

Three teachings are featured this month. Paul Cooper taught on sewing seed, Bob France taught on Love and Curtis Grimes taught on how we should focus on the Lord and who he is.


December 2018

This month Dennis Bolduc began his 4 part series on the book of Jeremiah. We begin with looking at the “Weeping Prophet”! Curtis Grimes also speaks about the importance of Christmas Hymns



This month Dennis Bolduc continues his series on Jeremiah with Part 2-Hope In The Midst Of Destruction and Part 3-Associating With or Participating In.

February 2019

This month Owen Carey began his series on Vision and Fulfillment with Part 1-Hinderances To Change.


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