The Word of God

We teach the word of God from the Bible. We feel our teachings are inspired by the Holy Spirit and we hope you are edified by them.

Teachings by Month


NOvember 2018

Three teachings are featured this month. Paul Cooper taught on Sewing Seed, Bob France taught on Love and Curtis Grimes taught on how we should Focus On The Lord And Who He Is.


December 2018

This month Dennis Bolduc began his 4 part series on the book of Jeremiah. We begin with looking at the “Weeping Prophet”! Curtis Grimes also speaks about the importance of Christmas Hymns



This month Dennis Bolduc continues his series on Jeremiah with Part 2-Hope In The Midst Of Destruction and Part 3-Associating With or Participating In.

February 2019

This month Owen Carey began his series on Vision and Fulfillment with Part 1-Hinderances To Change and then Part 2-Jump Starting Vision. Paul Cooper shares on The Report Of The Spies.


March 2019

This month Dennis Bolduc finishes his 4 part series on Jeremiah with Part 4- Dealing With Rejection For His Name’s Sake. Curtis Grimes shares a new perspective on Praying For Prodigals. Owen Carey continues his series on Vision & Fulfillment with Part 3-Change In The Midst Of Turbulence. Our Friend Joe Fuentes finishes up the month sharing on Faithfulness. Owen Carey finishes out the month with Vision & Fulfillment Part 4- Spiritual Change


April 2019

As we enter the Easter Season, Dennis Bolduc looks at The Bible as a True Love Story. Owen Carey continues with the Vision & Fulfillment series with Part 5- Wholeheartedness Through Change. Curtis Grimes asks the question, Is The Resurrection True?


May 2019

This month we hear from Dennis Bolduc who looks at what it means to be a People Of Destiny.


June 2019

Robert France begins the month of June with a message on Humility. Owen Carey shares a message on Fixing Our Eyes On The Unseen.


July 2019

Dennis Bolduc Shares from Psalm 13 Comparing David’s Struggles With How We See Things In Our Lives When Facing Troubles. Bob France shares on the importance of Water Baptism


August 2019


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