February 2019

This month Owen Carey began his series on Vision and Fulfillment with Part 1-Hinderances To Change and then Part 2-Jump Starting Vision. Paul Cooper shares on The Report Of The Spies.


March 2019

This month Dennis Bolduc finishes his 4 part series on Jeremiah with Part 4- Dealing With Rejection For His Name’s Sake. Curtis Grimes shares a new perspective on Praying For Prodigals. Owen Carey continues his series on Vision & Fulfillment with Part 3-Change In The Midst Of Turbulence. Our Friend Joe Fuentes finishes up the month sharing on Faithfulness. Owen Carey finishes out the month with Vision & Fulfillment Part 4- Spiritual Change


April 2019

As we enter the Easter Season, Dennis Bolduc looks at The Bible as a True Love Story. Owen Carey continues with the Vision & Fulfillment series with Part 5- Wholeheartedness Through Change. Curtis Grimes asks the question, Is The Resurrection True?