Becoming Complete in Christ

New Testament Christian Fellowship

Becoming Complete in Christ

(NTCF’s roadmap for discipleship)

Foundations & First Principles

            Coming to Jesus (Calling)

                       Repentance and Salvation

                       Water Baptism

                       Holy Spirit Baptism

                       Becoming Part of the Family

                       Introduction to the Kingdom and Warfare

            Intimacy with Jesus (Communion)

                       Priesthood of the Believer

                       Freedom in Worship

                       Developing a Prayer Life

                       Reading the Word

                       Loving the Brethren

            Learning From Jesus (Character)

                        First Principles

                        Hebrews 6 Foundations

                        Discipleship Training

                        The Kingdom and the Cross

                        Government, Authority & Headship

                        Spiritual Warfare

                        Spirit-Led Living

                        Family Life Training

Our Life’s Journey

            Serving Like Jesus (Community)

                        Body Service

                        Community Service

                        Distant, Short Term Service

            Sharing of Jesus (Commission)

                        Compassion for the Lost

                        Outreach as a Lifestyle

                        Going the Extra Mile

                        Proclamation of the Gospel

            Choosing a Bond-Servant Lifestyle (Consecration)

                        Counting the Cost to Fulfill His Purposes     

                        Laying Aside Rights, Expectations, Ambitions

                        Ownership vs. Stewardship

                        Reproducing your Life in Others

                        Being Good Seed

Love – The Motivation for All